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Honeydew Me

Oct 13, 2021

Ever heard of Erotic BlueprintsTM ? Turns out they’re the KEY to accessing your best sex life ever. Ally Jewel, an intimacy and Certified Erotic BlueprintTM Coach, is here to break down each of the five blueprints (The Energetic, The Sensual, The Sexual, The Kink, or The Shapeshifter) and as a result, get us all one (or a million) steps closer to having INCREDIBLE sex. It’s kinda like your astrological sign, so by the end of the episode, you’ll have clear actionable steps and a roadmap to YOUR personal pleasure town.


We also chat about:

  • Key turn-ons for each blueprint
  • The "superpower" and "shadow" of each blueprint
  • Sexual acts/experiences for each blueprint


Take the Erotic BlueprintTM Quiz HERE! 


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